Ward Reijmerink – Musician, Songwriter & Producer

Before I started the full course at the Wisseloord Academy in 2020 I already had two conservatory degrees. With my band INKT we just decided to take a different direction when corona came into our lives. With an empty agenda I decided to make the leap to a full time career in music.


At the Academy things went fast. Within a year I taught myself how to produce at a professional level. You learn what the pro’s are doing and how you can apply that to your own music. Your tracks are being approached from different angles. What is necessary for a good arrangement, a good mix and a good song?


The Wisseloord Academy is a creative hub where you collaborate a lot on many different genres. The more time you spend growing your portfolio and building your network, the more you will get out of it. If you show how serious you are, you will be taken seriously. They make connections for you and create opportunities.


At the end of the year Malik Berrabah (CEO and owner of the Wisseloord Studios) and Erroll Antonie (head A&R BMG Benelux) asked me to sign at Wisseloord / BMG Publishing. Within a year I was able to develop myself from a musician with side jobs to a full time music producer.


At the moment I have multiple clients in different countries. A lot of new music will be released this year. Both music for my band INKT as well as tracks I produced for others. In the end you always want to get bigger, better and faster, but for now I am right where I have always wanted to be.


For more info about Ward: : www.wijzijninkt.nl; https://www.instagram.com/wardreijmerink/ ;www.wardreijmerink.nl