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I was 14 and sitting on Museumplein in Amsterdam, when I knew that I wanted to make music for a living. Crazy that I still remember that moment and place, but it was suddenly clear to me: this makes me happy, I’m good at it and it gets me attention from people I want to […]

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Two years ago I was in a period  in life where I felt like I didn’t have any direction. Things I did didn’t give me much satisfaction. I felt like I wasn’t moving forward in life, or working towards anything until I found an Ableton starter course and thought why not. Through listening and making […]

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I’ve been making music myself for 10 years now and have released few “POP” singles that were successful. I was also part of the pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in Iceland. My favorite genre now is leaning more towards R&B and Soul. I want to help develop those genres and learn to think like […]

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Ole Pedersen – Singer, producer, musician, designer

The idea for following a full course at the Wisseloord Academy actually came from my mother. After high school I came from Bonaire to the Netherlands because my mother was ill and I decided to stay here. She wanted my education to go forward and I wasn’t really looking. She thought Wisseloord Academy was just […]

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“Songwriting is so special to me. Start with a simple idea for a song. Then write a text and find a few chords. And it all develops into a story that people listen to. Fascinating. My dream is to ‘break through’, to be heard and to ‘score’ hits with songs that make me happy. With […]

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“When I was 13 years old, I started playing ukulele and when I turned 14 I also picked up acoustic and electric guitar. Right now, I’m trying to learn how to play the piano and bass. Since I was little, I have been busy with music in all kinds of ways. I sang and danced […]

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Sander Visser : Musician, Artist, Songwriter, Producer

For me, music is communication. A language like no other language that can express emotions, images and other intangible things.” (…) “My parents both raised me with their own culture. Beatles and Pink Floyd from my dad, from my mother jazz, theatre and volunteer work. In high school I always wore headphones. Music transported me […]

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Teimoso – Singer, Songwriter, Producer

At the age of 10 I already knew that music would be my future. I wanted to be a producer and to live in New York. A friend of our family is a pianist and I soon realized that I had a feeling for music. Thanks to him I had piano lessons until I was […]

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Lars koehoorn – Musician, Songwriter & Sessions

After I completed my preliminary education at the Prince Claus Conservatoire, things went a little differently than expected. I did not return to the conservatory, but ended up at the Wisseloord Academy. And in hindsight that was the best thing that ever happened to me.”   ‘The coronavirus ensured that my agenda with performances was […]

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