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Since its creation, the name Wisseloord has stood for World Class quality. Artists from all around the globe (click here to see the artists working in our studios) trust our facilities and expertise for their recordings, mixes and productions. The Wisseloord Academy follows this trademark of quality as we strive to give all our participants the best guidance possible for the growth of their talent in the heart of the dutch music industry.

We’re proud of the reputation that Wisseloord Studios has gained over more than 40 years. Experience that our core team as well as all the producers, songwriters, industry professionals working in our studios decided share in a very unique way, where the creativity of the participants is at the center of the program.

Each year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate talents from all around the world in a unique hub where the top of the dutch music industry shares its knowledge and knowhow to a select amount of participants that we integrate to our “family”.

More than an educational center, the Wisseloord Academy is the only place where the talents (for us, there is no students…but talents who are working on their development!) get the chance to learn and get inspired by being directly in contact with some of the most successful composers, songwriters, producers, A&R’s, managers, etc of The Netherlands.

Wisseloord as a studio is strongly connected to all the most relevant industry actors of the country and we are proud to say that this synergy between the participants and professionals from the field makes the Wisseloord Academy an unrivaled learning center, but also a unique platform for career launches. Our freedom from any academic structure and format, as well as our practical approach (in our classes, we make music, and don’t spend half of the time talking about it theoretically like in many other institutions) gives us the freedom to create really exciting opportunities for our students who get the chance to write, compose and produce for and with some of the most acclaimed artists of the country.

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