Podium for new sounds

wisseloord sessions


Every music lover knows the Wisseloord Studios as the Dutch pop temple where artists such as the Rolling Stones, The Police, Elton John, Scorpions, Chris Brown, Ilse DeLange, Iron Maiden and many more have recorded their finest work. Considered more than the striking sound that comes from its rooms, Wisseloord is an international musical hub and a talent development center where artists from all over the world find and develop their craft.

During the ‘Wisseloord Sessions’ you will get the primeur to see some unique showcases presented by a selection of impressive artists working behind the scenes in our studios. Every first Sunday of the month  – join us in one of our studios, and be the part of the first people who get the opportunity to hear those artists trying out their music before that they deliver it to the rest of the world.

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Cafe open: 12:00
Show starts: 13:30
Ticket: 8.5€
Venue: Catharina van Renneslaan 10
1217CX Hilversum