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Wisseloord Writing Sessions

Wisseloord is not only a recording studio. More than anything else, it is a home for talented musicians, a creative hub for bands, writers, composers and artists. After the creation of the House Of Music (a partnership between Wisseloord and BMG), House of Music expanded, now offering a roster of selected international talents the opportunity to develop their craft, collaborate with other artists, join some writing sessions, produce their records, publish their music, market and release their tracks all while guided by an international team of experienced professionals.



To Join the Wisseloord Writing Sessions, it is simple. First you need to reach out to us through the contact form and send us some of your music. If we find that your music matches our selection criteria, we will plan an intake talk with you to explain you all the ins and outs of the sessions.

If you are selected and we decide to invite you to our studios, you will receive a date planner where you can fill in your availabilities. Our team will then organise a session for you, and you will receive an invitation with all details concerning date, time and location.

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What’s up in the studios?


During the session, you can decide with your co-writers about what you want to create. We give you some briefs of artists looking for tracks, but you can decide all together what/who you will write and compose for.


At the end of the writing day, you will hopefully have a song. You fill in with all the writers the digital split sheet that we will send you. This is the document that will protect your writers rights. You send us the demo and we will get back at you with some feedback on the song.


The writers can work on the song at home if necessary.


If you need an extra day to finish the song, we will plan a follow up session. If you decide to not finish the song any further, that’s no problem, but beware that we advise to finish every song as good as possible. In that way we can try to place it further on all our channels.


All the demos that are written during our writing sessions are registered in our database. Artists all over the world are reaching out to us to check our songs. We also reach out ourselves to pitch the tracks directly to labels, managers and artists. We also send all the songs to our partner BMG who is also actively working out our best tracks.


If we find any kind of opportunity for a song, we directly contact all the writers to discuss what we can do. It is your music and we don’t make any moves on it without all the writers agreeing.


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