Les Professeurs Les Professeurs

Dans notre Académie, vous n’entrez pas seulement dans un centre de formation hautement professionnel. Vous entrez également dans le réseau de certains artistes, compositeurs, producteurs, auteurs-compositeurs, ingénieurs et professionnels de l’industrie à succès du pays.

Les participants (nous ne regardons pas les étudiants, mais les musiciens et artistes qui nous rejoignent pour développer leurs compétences, quel que soit leur niveau) apprennent à produire auprès de certains des producteurs les plus performants de la pop, rock, dance, indie française ou scène de rap. Ils apprennent à écrire des toplines ou des chansons avec des auteurs-compositeurs primés de platine, ils apprennent à publier des éditeurs, ils entendent des artistes parler de leur carrière ou apprennent à enregistrer ou à mixer avec des ingénieurs enregistrant ou mixant des disques à succès au quotidien.

Tous les cours sont conçus de manière à ce que les conférenciers partagent leur propre approche de travail tandis que les participants sont au centre de l’attention pour obtenir l’espace nécessaire pour développer leur propre musique et leurs méthodes de travail.

Découvrez l'équipe

Ramon Ginton

Musician, Producer : Drake, Bizzey, Ronnie Flex...

Erroll Antonie

Music Publisher - Head of A&R BMG Benelux

Coco Bans

American Iowa-born, Paris-based singer-songwriter Coco Bans, aka Allyson Ezell, has been carving out an impressive path with her epic and tender alt-pop since her 2019 debut EP, Fantasy & Parables, garnering early support from MTV, Earmilk and The Line of Best Fit. Rolling Stone named her a live artist to watch and she has since opened sold-out shows for Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park) and Brittany Howard (Alabama Shakes). Follow-up single “Pray” was synced in Grey’s Anatomy, in parallel with major editorial playlists and European radio play. Signed with Warner Chappell Music Publishing, Coco Bans has already written for artists such as Woodkid, Lil Wayne, Kiddy Smile and French star GIMS. Her debut LP Chronicles of an Altered Life, co-written with Grammy-winner Hue Strother and K Major (Playboi Carti, Future) and produced by Coco Bans and London-based producer Jo Pereira, is expected in 2022.   Allyson Ezell is a musician and songwriter in total command of her powers. Think Annie Lennox and Shakespeares Sister meets St Vincent and Paloma Faith, but in a 21st century blend of optimism, nostalgia and vintage beats.

Therry M-L

Therry M.L. is a French multiplatinum music producer, songwriter and artist. Discovered by David Guetta's management team, Therry wrote some of the biggest urban pop hits of the last decade in France with his producer duet LNT. He is now embarking on a solo journey, working on his own artist project "Johsef" and using his A&R skills to help artists define their sound and vision. Main music collaborations Céline Dion , David Guetta, Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, Wyclef Jean, Soprano , TAL, Zaho, Grand Corps Malade, Hippocampe fou, Ralph Beaubrun, Olivier Dion...

Sony Music Publishing Italy

Lectures, 1 on 1 feedback, briefings from the whole Sony Music Publishing Italy team

BMG Rights Management

Meet and get classes from A&R's from the whole European BMG team

Kristine Kebbinau

Kristine Kebbinau has been active in Estonian music industry for ten years, taking on roles from label management, marketing & PR to organizing festivals and events.
She was the organizer of Estonian Music Industry Awards (2021) and developed youth music scene via Estonian Youth Band Award (Noortebändi konkurss). Kristine has also been involved with festivals like Tallinn Music Week, Black Nights Film Festival (seminars Music Meets Film) and Intsikurmu Festival where she was CEO.
Since Kristine has taken many different roles in the industry - being an artist, working with artists, organizing events and done strategical marketing and PR, she really understands the different parts of the sector.
Nowadays Kristine mainly focuses on bringing the Baltic Music Markets together to broaden the opportunities for the talents of the region.

Julien Cholewa

Directeur of LA PLACE HIP HOP and head programmeur of the festival PARIS HIPHOP

Ralph Beaubrun

Ralph draws his inspiration from his haitian origins. he grew up in a family animated by cinema, music and dance. at 17, he took his first steps on stage as a dancer during an american-canadian tour of the music group, boukman eksperyans. ralph graduated with a masters degree and after 5 years in mathematical engineering in france, ralph decided to take a professional turning point and embrace the call of music to live his dreams. since 2012, the self-taught artist has quickly distinguished himself in the professional world of dance by becoming one of the official dancers of the artist tal, whom he accompanied for 7 years, nearly a decade rhythmized by numerous video clips, tours, international scenes and artistic encounters. at the same time, ralph evolved towards a career as a background dancer for tal as well as for other artists (stromaé, julien doré, dadju…) this path led him to develop his skills as a songwriter. (tal  le temp qu’il faut‘, ‘are we awake’...) since 2015, ralph has been teaching and transmitting his unique groove universe (tinted with all his musical influences from afro, street jazz, pop and his inspiration such as michael and janet jackson) through his dance classes in paris. (lax studio, harmonic studio…) as an educational coach, he takes pleasure in ensuring that his courses are a moment of sharing and conviviality that help develop his students. ralph is currently continuing his musical evolution by combining new singing, dancing and comedy in his new projects.

Pierre Guimard

Pierre Guimard was born in Toulouse but grew up in Normandy and the Paris region. In a high school setting, he created the group Noisy Fate with friends, of Team Nowhere, at the end of the 1990s. He then left the group to go play as bassist for Jean-Louis Aubert in 2003, as we can see from the DVD. He then decided to devote himself to his solo career, and, alone with his guitar and his harmonica, he opened for Kyo and Raphael in 2006. On August 28, 2006, his first album De l'autre cote was released, which he composed entirely, along with lyricist Jérôme Attal. Pierre Guimard also worked with Ben Kweller, (with whom he will also do some first parts). This album is romantic, in an Anglo-Saxon style. We can also see him in the film, I'm Fine, Don't Worry by Philippe Lioret where he plays a musician on the edge of the beach. His latest album was released on June 22, 2009. He opened for Calogero in the fall of 2009. He is the pianist of the entire piano-acoustic voice album of the diva Lara Fabian, album called Every Woman In Me. In 2009, he took under his wing Nili Hadida and Benjamin Cotto of the group Lilly Wood and the Prick. He produced and recorded Lilly's first EP Who And The What? with its Choke Industry label. Under license with Cinq7/Wagram, he recorded the album Invincible Friends which was released in May 2010 (awarded at the Victoires de la Musique 2011, public revelation category). He currently plays bass for the Lilly Wood and the Prick tour.

Chrystelle Nammour

Artist, author, composer, Chrystelle graduated in Music Business from Berklee College of Music, and from Paris Dauphine PSL and specialized in the development strategy of artists. Marie-Madeleine from the musical "Jésus" by Pascal Obispo in 2018, she released a first album with her group Hushh in 2015 financed by Internet users on My Major Company (€100,000 collected in crowdfunding). She currently serves artists at the Guild of Music Artists, the artist services agency Kahin@gency, and Groover while working on her artist project.

Yannick Freytag

Yannick Freytag's career has always oscillated between the field of Culture and that of Youth. Committed to these issues through initial activities in socio-cultural animation, collaborator of elected officials on youth and prevention issues in Paris, he joined the Hip Hop Citizens structure in 2002 and co-founded the Paris Hip Hop festival in 2006, one of the most important Hip Hop initiatives in France which celebrated its tenth edition in 2015. But, it will also have developed other original cultural initiatives with the foundation of a specialized bookshop-gallery in Nantes or one of the main festivals of Parisian tales of the time in 2002. He continues his commitment today by developing the actions of Hip Hop Citizens in France and abroad and as a trainer for the territorial public service.

Ever Mihigo

Producer, Topliner (Aya Nakamura, Oboy, Kimberose…)

Clement Le Gal

International Coordinator at Universal Music Publishing France

Pierre-Antoine Grison

Pierre-Antoine Grison aka Krazy Baldhead is a French musician and producer, based in the Paris region. A Live user since 2003, he has released several albums on Ed Banger Records as Krazy Baldhead. It offers a full range of services around Live: training, advice, design of tailor-made devices. He created several MIDI controllers dedicated to Live: State Of The Loop and open·control. Keyboardist by training, Pierre-Antoine learned classical music from an early age; he also practiced jazz and Indian music. His musical repertoire ranges from hip-hop to electro, including house and African music. He has performed all over the world in various musical projects. Live is Pierre-Antoine's favorite tool, both on stage and in the studio. Thanks to his various experiences and his training as an engineer, he offers a full range of solutions for the performing arts, from training to the design of sets, from advice to the creation of Max for Live patches or custom-made equipment. Pierre-Antoine has designed dedicated and personalized solutions for artists like -M-, Jacques, Rone, Phoenix and Thérapie Taxi. It offers individual or group lessons, face-to-face or remotely, Live and Push demos, and shares its expertise through its consulting activities.

Kahina Khimoune

Coming from a family of artists, Kahina had the chance, from an early age, to be immersed in this privileged environment. At the age of 8, she began the piano at the National Regional Conservatory of her city and, throughout her schooling, joined classes offering students the opportunity to follow school programs as well as reinforced artistic education, the expected extension of which is the Professional orientation. With a General Literary Baccalaureate in hand, she studied Modern Literature at the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, but she quickly understood that she felt more at ease and above all more useful, behind the scenes than on the front of the stage. Already perceiving, within his family, the problems with which artists and actors in the cultural sector are confronted in administrative and relational management; these difficulties that hinder them in the accomplishment of their artistic and creative work, the idea of ​​offering services to artists is gaining ground. She then joined a renowned school of communication and press officer in Paris, after which she worked for 5 years at Radio FG as a relationship manager with international resident artists. After a two-year stay in London, in 2009 she joined David Guetta's team, where she is the administrator of many companies. At the same time, she takes care of organizing all his professional and artistic meetings, organizes writing workshops, accompanies him in the studio, thus assisting in the genesis of many worldwide successes. Kahina acquired international expertise in the development of artistic careers, in the management of production and publishing companies specializing in music. During her 12 years spent alongside David Guetta and through her many encounters, she will find that the musical field is not the only one concerned but that other sectors are just as affected by the difficulty of collaborating with reliable people. , serious and trustworthy. Aware that digital has considerably transformed culture and in particular music with streaming, and fully determined to help all these artists find themselves in the jungle of these new codes, both administrative and digital, in 2021, she decided to create Kahin@ gency a structure in harmony with an evolving and ambitious context, but responsible, at the height of its convictions.

Davide Ruffini

Mixing engineer : The Voice, Soul & Noamle, Supa Dupa, NAVY, Nelson Dialect, Leelo, MAJAN, Kilian & Jo

Philippe Weiss

Madonna, David Guetta, Dua Lipa, Alicia Keys, Selah Sue, Ben L’oncle Soul…

Malik Berrabah

Malik Berrabah is owner of Wisseloord and founder of the Wisseloord Academy. His track record as a songwriter, composer, arranger and producer is rich of countless national and international records in various genres. He has contributed to the production of numerous albums, singles, television programs, etc., and regularly advises the Majors in a neutral way on the level of new musical projects in development. Malik is also Adviseur of the Amsterdam Fonds Voor de Kunst the organisation providing state grants to the main cultural projects of the dutch capital. His love for sharing with growing talents leads him, when his schedule allows, to participate as a jury for international conservatory exams. Since the beginning of his career 25 years ago, Malik has decided to do all his musical work under various pseudonyms in order to keep his career detached from any stylistic labels, to keep his creative freedom and to stay away from the ego games of the music industry.

Noah Smits

Noah is one of the most recognized music marketeers and data analysts of The Netherlands. Working as consultant for numerous artists and labels, Noah is one of the figures of the field that cannot be missed out.

Bastien Corné

Bastien Corné is a musician, composer and music teacher. He obtained a master's degree in musicology at Paris Sorbonne and a bachelor's degree in jazz performance at the University of Montreal. He currently performs on stage with artists like Coco Bans or Le Noiseur.

Ben Vedren

BEN VEDREN (Reduce Records) Singular character of today’s music scene, Ben Vedren’s work is well-recognized and highly acclaimed through his production & LIVE/DJ performances around the world.  He is co-founder of Reduce Records and has been a permanent resident of the infamous club CONCRETE in Paris.  Ben has an impressive production catalog, including releases on PERLON (VillaH2H, a collaboration alongside Ricardo Villalobos & Chez Damier), Minibar, BALANCE, Concrete Music, Prospector, Eklo, 240 volts, Djebali, among others. He won a Beatport remix contest, releasing on PLANET E records his brilliant remix of the classic Carl Craig track  «Bug in the BassBin».  His remix of Dani Siciliano « I’m the question » on Circus Company has been strongly supported, it’s now a classic track to be heard in Clubs. Starting his career as an composer/sound-engineer in Paris, he later devoted himself to his own productions, collaborations, and teaching as a certified Ableton instructor. His first EP on Minibar (2012) « I KNOW YOU KNOW » received unanimous success and pushed him to the front of the scene.  His live performances fascinate and captivate with his unique energy, groove, generosity, sensibility and uncommon talent with machines.  He is an artist that has mastered the skill to make the listener experience this feeling of « WE ARE ONE ». Ben is an experienced traveling DJ playing gigs throughout the world including EXIT festival, Mutek Montreal , Womb Tokyo , Festival des Nuits Sonores, Weather festival, Amore Festival, Trouw Amsterdam, Rex Club, Tresor, Half Baked, Stereo Montreal, Hoppetosse, Club der Visionaere,  sharing regularly the decks with the world’s top DJs. In parallel, he has built several major projects outside of the club scene: a sound journey at the VILLA MEDICI (Rome), an sound installation for the Nuit Blanche Festival (Paris), a sound and light show at the Grand Palais (Paris), one for the Fêtes des Lumières (Lyon), an audio-visual show « BI-OSCILLATIONS » at CENTRE POMPIDOU (paris) and several collaborations with designers concerning the sound of spaces and even objects. Collaboration with other artists is a huge part of Ben’s DNA.   With CHEZ DAMIER, they produce music under the project H2H (Heart 2 Heart), where they experiment with music and also teach and encourage new talents.

Mahaut Dufour Lamanthe

Mahaut Dufour Lamanthe started out in the music industry in 2016, looking to work alongside artists. She soon founded Loom, offering management services for artists (Sika Deva, BlackDoe, Tices). A champion of diverse, ambitious projects (English-speaking rappers, producers, an album with K-pop acts), she has all the key tools for creating successful projects. Her next step was evident: embark on freelance project management assignments for independent record labels and studio complexes. She also advocates change for women in the music industry, working actively with the Change de Disque initiative and being part of the 2022 MEWEM promotion.

Brynja Mary

Brynja Mary is a Singer and a Songwriter and a performing artist, She’s been singing and dancing since She can remember and started writing songs from a very Young age. There’s nothing She loves more than writing personal storytelling songs and getting up on stage to perform them.

When She was 13 She was in a Danish tv show called “En sang Fra hjertet” and recorded a song with one of Denmark’s biggest producers, and at 14 She signed her first publishing deal. Then when She just turned 16 She competed in the Icelandic national final for the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 with an original song that She had written at the age of 14. She’s been working with people all over the world in Denmark, Iceland, Norway, Los Angeles, London, Canada, Spain and the Netherlands and in February 2021 She signed a record deal with Universal music group as a duo with her sister (sara Victoria) called EYJAA, their first single (Dont forget about me) charted as nr 3 on Denmarks airplay chart top 100 for over 16 weeks and it became the song of the week in Denmark and along with their second single (The Wrecking Crew) that got 4th place on the airplay chart top 100. And their 3rd single (Ultraviolet) did also very well and ended up getting 3rd place on the Icelandic radio for most popular played songs of the month in April 2022. She’s always loved performing and it’s one of her favorite things to do besides writing. She’s performed a lot, in LA and spain and on live television for the Eurovision Song Contest national final and performed support shows as her duo EYJAA and a few festivals in the summer of 2022,  She also studied herself at the Wisseloord academy from 2020 - 2021 and after that She’s been studying professional dance and performing in Copenhagen and Los Angeles.

Felix Tournier

Akon, KRS One, Young Thug, David Guetta, Ilse DeLange, Jett Rebell, Kensington…

Vallo Kikas

Vallo Kikas has produced, mixed and mastered over the years for a variety of award-winning Estonian artists such as Karl-Erik Taukar, Liis Lemsalu, Elina Born and nublu. This year, he was nominated in the mixing/mastering/recording category at the Estonian Music Industry Awards. Vallo is part of electronic music duo ‘Kisma’, whose most popular song ‘Fingertips’ has over 11 million streams on Spotify and over 21 million views on Youtube. In 2019, Vallo co-wrote the topline for Syn Cole’s track ‘Discovery’, which was released by Martin Garrix’s record label STMPD RCRDS. In Spring 2021 he co-wrote and produced ‘Doomino’ by Liis Lemsalu and Stefan, which became number one played on Estonian radios for the whole summer.

Stig Rästa

Stig Rästa has been in the music industry for over 20 years, establishing him as one of the top songwriters in Estonia. He has his own solo project and is also a part of electronic music duo ‘Kisma.’ Their first single ‘We Are’ was released in 2017 by No Copyright Sounds and has been played over 7 million times on Spotify and Youtube. In 2015, he represented Estonia in the Eurovision Song Contest with his song ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’, which placed 7th in the final. The song has over 12 million streams on Spotify and won ‘Song of the Year’ award at Estonian Music Awards in 2016. Stig has written for many award-winning artists such as Victor Crone, Joakim Lundell, Elina Born, Traffic and Karl-Erik Taukar. Stig co-wrote ‘Storm’ by Victor Crone, which represented Estonia in Eurovision in 2019 and kick-started Victor’s further career.The song was played over 15,000 times on Swedish radios. Stig was also the writer for ESC 2016 Estonian entry song ‘Play’ by Jüri Pootsmann.

Karl Killing

Karl Killing, a mere 20 years old, has immensely proven himself over the past few years in the Estonian music scene. He is actively working with many loved Estonian hip-hop and rap artists such as 5MIINUST, säm, Pluuto, nublu and villemdrillem. This year Karl participated in the Eesti Laul contest (Estonia’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest) where he placed 7th with his song ‘Kiss Me’. His solo project kick-started in 2020 when he released his debut single ‘High Heels’, which came out with Canadian record label found/red. This year was massive for Karl as he signed to Warner Music Baltics, released a video single ‘powerless’ with them, and intends to release his first album in 2022. While his solo project is on the softer, pop side, for his producing he definitely has a weakness for hip-hop.

Hugo Martin Maasikas

Hugo has a solo project Whogaux and is also part of two successful EDM projects WATEVA and Cartoon. Cartoon’s most successful track ‘On & On’ has 170M+ streams on Spotify and 400M+ on Youtube, making them an absolute flagship in Estonia’s electronic music scene. Hugo has released music with many well established record labels such as Armada Music, Selected, NCS, Future House Music, Enhanced Music and Liquicity. Hugo with this talent and passion for sure has a lot to provide for the lovers of fine electronic music.

Gevin Niglas

Gevin Niglas is a producer for a number of different award-winning artists such as nublu (Estonian Male Artist of the Year 2019 and 2020) and 5MIINUST (Artist of the Year 2020). In 2021, nublu released his debut album ‘Café Kosmos’, where Gevin co-wrote/co-produced four songs. The album was very well received by both critics and Estonian radios. In 2020, they produced ‘paaristõuked’ by 5MIINUST together with Karl Killing and ‘niiea’ by Elina Born and Villemdrillem – both some of the most played songs on Estonian radio that year. Gevin is also actively working with several new stars in Estonian music scene like Maian, Heleza and Anett Kulbin. In 2021, he started working on his solo project. “My solo project – I’d say it’s trap-rnb influenced pop. When I write or produce for others, I don’t have a specific favourite genre – everything that’s authentic is appealing to me,” Gevin says.

Kertu Mägar

Kertu Mägar is running an independent publishing company FAAR Music, which represents Baltic and Nordic songwriters/producers, helping them with all the aspects of their projects.   FAAR Music works globally and their roster includes many established and well-known Estonian pop music makers as well as new upcoming talent. At FAAR, Kertu takes care of international relations and partnerships, contracts & administration, and manages the creative department.   Prior to her role in FAAR Music, Kertu worked in the music industry in various roles, incl. PR & Marketing Manager for Dutch electronic label Future House Music, artist manager for electronic artists signed to her own management company and event producer of Estonia's biggest young artists competition.   Kertu has a Bachelor's Degree in Music & Choir Conducting and a Master's Degree in Art Management.

To be announced

Federico Cirillo

Label director Island Records Italy

Rogier Bol

This is Rogier Bol with more than 15 years working in the music industry as marketeer/project manager setting up strategy and a release plan for singles, EPs and full length albums locally and internationally / digitally and physically. Working for and with the majors like Universal Music and indie labels like Fully Charged and artists from Billie Eilish to Inge van Calkar across all genres. His own company Stroomlijn (Streamline in Dutch) is service label and marketing/promotion helping artist to streamline their releases and dreams.


ReauBeau’s sonic journey started at the very roots of his present future bass undertakings. Due to a strong love for hiphop during his formative years, his passion spurred into the restless fiddling and fine-tuning art of conveying finer (and often ineffable) emotions through the craft of composition. His sound has emerged into a versatile blend of (future)bass and trap with a touch of euphoria.   ReauBeau's funky, hiphop influenced productions are always spot on. With shows at festivals such as Tomorrowland, Amsterdam Dance Event, Aalborg Festival, SXSW and Distortion Festival, his tracks have been supported by radio stations worldwide, including BBC Radio1 & 1XTRA (' ignition mix ', GB), SLAM FM (NL), KISS FM (DE), Diplo's Revolution Channel, Hardwell on Air and more. Eventually evolving his music asperations into two new dimensions called CASUAL (Pop, Funk, Soul ) and DOWORK (Hiphop instrumentals ) His music has landed syncs with America’s Got Talent , Mercedes ,Lincoln,JBL, Adidas,Victoria’s Secret and he has composed for major game trailers like FIFA 20 / Need For Speed HEAT and Apex Legends.