Teimoso – Singer, Songwriter, Producer

temoso-singer-songwriter-producerAt the age of 10 I already knew that music would be my future. I wanted to be a producer and to live in New York. A friend of our family is a pianist and I soon realized that I had a feeling for music. Thanks to him I had piano lessons until I was 10. Then – just like my grandfather – I started playing the drums. Because of my dyslexia, I learned how to use computers early on and discovered DAW, Digital Audio Workstation.’


‘I don’t want to live in New York anymore, but I’m still determined to earn my money with music. I started singing – for the first time – at Wisseloord Academy. Now I don’t just want to be a producer only, but also want to be an artist.’


‘In my first year at the Academy, I did the Full Course. This year I follow the modules ‘Songwriting’ and ‘Stage act development’. Before this music course, I did another music production course: Pro Audio Education.


‘My first weeks at the Wisseloord Academy went fairly well because of the preliminary training I had. But with the songwriting classes, I quickly realized that this school would be very different and would pay attention to some much deeper parameters of how to be an artist or music producer. “What are you telling? How do you work with other people? How do you deal with critical feedback?” I learned a lot about myself in a short period of time.’


‘I found it instructive to see how I can turn chaos in my head into a product that suits me. And you also look for people you like to work with. I made a few good friends in my first year at the Academy. What you share with them is a passion for music and dreams about the things that you want to achieve.’


‘It’s great that today’s technology makes making music so much easier. Many more people nowadays can show their talent. For example, if you can’t read music, but you do have a great feeling for it, you can still deliver a good production. It’s also nice that in this profession it doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of experience or if you are still very young: if it’s good, it’s good!’


‘I don’t focus on a special target group with my music. Everyone may like the music that I make. I want to stay close to myself and that will be quite a challenge. Because in order to grow, you also have to be open to new things.’ (…) ‘I was regularly sent down difficult paths here during the classes but this made me stronger. This is because I can often be insecure about myself and my music, but I know what I need to work on and believe I will keep improving with the teachers help and guidance. I trust in that hunger and drive.’

Lars koehoorn – Musician, Songwriter & Sessions

After I completed my preliminary education at the Prince Claus Conservatoire, things went a little differently than expected. I did not return to the conservatory, but ended up at the Wisseloord Academy. And in hindsight that was the best thing that ever happened to me.”


‘The coronavirus ensured that my agenda with performances was wiped empty in one go. Because of that I could fully focus on Wisseloord Academy. Every hour of free time I had, I was busy making music and implementing the new knowledge I gained during the lessons.’


‘During the training I came into contact with music styles that were new and unknown to me and I was able to get used to working with several people during a writing session. The great thing about Wisseloord Academy is that you are not seen as a student, but as a full member of the music industry. And for me it’s simple: if I make something it has to be good, because I want to perform at the highest level. The disadvantage is that I cannot stop working until I think it is finished.’


‘I was used to write a lot for myself as an artist, but during corona, releasing new material was not so useful for me, because no performances could be done. As a result, I started trying a lot of new things like writing for other artists and exploring new genres. I really enjoy it and it works well for me, so I will continue to do that.’


‘At the beginning of the academic year, BMG came by to tell us what they do. I went up to them to introduce myself and have a short chat. Just show your face and make the first contact. Something I normally never did, but I couldn’t pass up on this opportunity.’


Malik Berrabah (producer and owner of the studios) keeps a close eye on the development of all students and saw the rapid progress I was making. And after I had supplied him with new music, he asked me if we could talk about the possibility of contracting me with Wisseloord Publishing/BMG Benelux. For me that was the main goal of my training; taking the first steps towards a serious career in the music industry.”


‘Now that I’m signed to BMG, I do a lot of sessions and it actually goes faster than I thought possible. I have been able to do several writing camps, get to know a lot of writers, producers and artists and thus gain new experiences. The variety in the work is what makes it so much fun for me; one day you’ll be working on a Dutch pop song, the next you’ll be working on an English EDM stunner, and then you’ll be working on a nursery rhyme. Every day is different, everything is possible. The first songs I worked on have already been released and behind the scenes there is still a lot of new material ready.’


‘I am very happy that it all went like this, because there was no ‘Plan B’. I can now fully focus on music because I took this turn. The approach at the Wisseloord Academy is extremely personal, so you have a good idea of ​​what you need to work on. Their guidance has helped me to make great strides in my development, ultimately resulting in a publishing contract.’


‘Today I am working full time as a songwriter and producer building a portfolio of releases and collaborations. Without the Wisseloord Academy, I probably never would have had that opportunity. I am therefore working hard to make it a long and successful career and together with the great team of Wisseloord Publishing and BMG Benelux I am sure that we will succeed.’


For more information about Lars: www.instagram.com/larskoehoorn


Richie Lee – Dj, Producer, Songwriter


Music is always around me. I live in Rotterdam and that is really a place where many musical cultures come together. From urban to techno, from Latin to funk. As a DJ I regularly perform in clubs and festivals. When I see people go wild, a special energy is released. Not only with the people on the dance floor, but also with me behind the turntable. The love you feel when everyone comes together makes me really happy.’


‘Because of corona, the number of performances decreased and I was more on my own. Tim Toth from CTM said Wisseloord Academy was something I should look at, because he really thought that it was something for me. And he was right. By constantly working with different people at the Academy, I get into creative flows more often. And making beautiful things becomes easier.’


‘Around 2016 I started producing my own songs and I am getting better at conveying an idea or a feeling in a song. My challenge is that I’m setting the bar very high. I compare my productions with top productions by great artists, often involving entire teams. Now I’m starting to believe more and more that I can do what they do. I would prefer to release my own songs and show them to the public. That everyone is going wild on my songs. That seems so cool to me.’


‘I think the most important thing about a song is that you are able to convey your own, recognizable energy. Now music is moving rapidly around the world, I think that it has become even more important. A song of mine will often be energetic, positive and ‘uplifting’ and with my best songs you can hear the joy with which I made it. You see my smile when you listen to it.’


My first single will be released soon, which I will also release under my own name. I made the song ‘Sugadaddy’ together with Petra, who really has the perfect voice for this song. And thanks to the honest feedback – we get from teachers there – I can take production to the next level.”


‘At Wisseloord Academy, I quickly realized that I would become a better producer and musician/songwriter if I collaborate with other people. I love working with authentic people who have something beautiful to say and meet new people at writing sessions. In five years I hope to do what I already do now, but on a larger scale so that I can bring joy to more people with my sound and energy.’


For more information about Richie: www.instagram.com/djrichielee


Ward Reijmerink – Musician, Songwriter & Producer

Before I started the full course at the Wisseloord Academy in 2020 I already had two conservatory degrees. With my band INKT we just decided to take a different direction when corona came into our lives. With an empty agenda I decided to make the leap to a full time career in music.


At the Academy things went fast. Within a year I taught myself how to produce at a professional level. You learn what the pro’s are doing and how you can apply that to your own music. Your tracks are being approached from different angles. What is necessary for a good arrangement, a good mix and a good song?


The Wisseloord Academy is a creative hub where you collaborate a lot on many different genres. The more time you spend growing your portfolio and building your network, the more you will get out of it. If you show how serious you are, you will be taken seriously. They make connections for you and create opportunities.


At the end of the year Malik Berrabah (CEO and owner of the Wisseloord Studios) and Erroll Antonie (head A&R BMG Benelux) asked me to sign at Wisseloord / BMG Publishing. Within a year I was able to develop myself from a musician with side jobs to a full time music producer.


At the moment I have multiple clients in different countries. A lot of new music will be released this year. Both music for my band INKT as well as tracks I produced for others. In the end you always want to get bigger, better and faster, but for now I am right where I have always wanted to be.


For more info about Ward: : www.wijzijninkt.nl; https://www.instagram.com/wardreijmerink/ ;www.wardreijmerink.nl


NMUV Dutch String Sessions and Wisseloord Academy

Wisseloord Studios, Wisseloord Academy and NMUV (Dutch Music Publishers Association) have launched the Dutch String Sessions project. For this initiative, 12 well-known and big hits from Dutch soil have been given a ‘classic’ look.

All publishers affiliated with NMUV could submit suggestions and the first EP contains classic arrangements of ‘Omarm’ (BLØF), He is mine (Kris Kross Amsterdam, Maan, Tabitha & Bizzey), ‘Waves’ (Mr. Probz) and ‘Kleur ‘ (Fast).

The songs have been rearranged for string ensemble and piano by the creative team of the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum and the international music production students of the Wisseloord Academy.

The idea for the Dutch String Sessions arose from the NMUV and came about with support from the Music Investment Fund, an initiative of Buma/Stemra with the cooperation of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. This fund is intended for the development of new music and/or new exploitation of existing music.

In the coming months, the songs will be released on three EPs, the first of which was released last Friday. The songs are specially mixed in Dolby Atmos, the latest Dolby technology. The tracks can be found on Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music.

The money generated by this project will mainly benefit songwriters, composers, musicians, as well as music education and talent development. The intention is that these classic adaptations also find their way into the world of films, series, games and advertising.

Wisseloord Residency – Johsef & Coco Bans


All the way from France. Coco Bans who is a world acclaimed songwriter and Johsef, a multi platinum french record producer were both at Wisseloord for a 3 week residency. They both took out time to share their creative journey, details about their upcoming project and their amazing experience is our studios.








Coco Bans















Johsef & Coco Bans at Wisseloord Residency

Wisseloord residency – Folamour

Meet Folamour, A popular French Electro-Dance DJ and producer who was recently on a  production residency in Wisseloord studios. We had a short conversation with the artist and here is what he had to say ;


  • How do you feel about the vibe around here?


Folamour:  I love it. It’s a really special place I think. I’ve never worked in a big studio like this one. There is like “a family vibe here” where you can feel that everybody is super involved in every project. Every time I needed help I could ask and someone would be willing to try his best to help. I worked with so many people here and everybody was like 100% on top of his game . It’s an amazing feeling.

  • What are your views on the Netherlands music scene?



Folamour: Everytime I’m playing in the Netherlands I see fans react positively. Dutch people are always open minded in regards to various genres. I can feel that the people are open to various music cultures and enjoy partying hard. Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities to play in.


  • Did the atmosphere at Wisseloord improve your creativity?


Folamour: Yeah, for sure. Since I got here I’ve been working full time every day 9 to 9, back to back. Next to my own sessions, I had the pleasure to see some of the classes of the Academy. All the songwriting courses, the music production classes, the whole music course is absolutely amazing. I feel super inspired and motivated. And there is such a vibe here. With the history and everything but even more, it’s the hub of people that inspires me. You want to be part of something great here. So I’m working a lot. And a lot of great ideas and inspiration have come to me for sure. It feels like being out of the city. I also love being in the woods.

Buma Stemra and Sena lecture about Music Rights

Esther Maier and Silvia Biemans from Buma Stemra and Sena graced the Academy today with their program “Music Rights On Tour” where our students learned all the ins and outs about music copyrights.

 “We make sure that everybody who creates music has the right to get compensation. A lot of artists are busy with the creative part but not so much with the administration. It’s not fun, but it’s part of the job and furthermore, that’s your right to your money”

BUMA/STEMRA are two private organisations in the Netherlands, the Buma Association (Dutch: Vereniging Buma) and the Stemra Foundation (Dutch: Stichting Stemra) that operate as one single company that acts as the Dutch collecting society for composers and music publishers.[1][2]



SENA The Foundation for Exploitation of Neighboring Rights is the Dutch collective management organization which is charged with the implementation of Article 7 of the Neighboring Rights Act. In practice, this means that Sena collects fees from users of recorded music, such as companies, broadcasters, institutions and organizations that publish recorded music. Sena passes these fees on to the performing musicians and record producers, or the “makers” of music. In that respect, Sena is comparable to the organization Buma, which collects and distributes fees for authors (based on the Copyright Act) for the publication of their compositions and texts. In civil proceedings, Sena cooperates with Buma, if necessary, to institute injunctions for infringements of the copyrights and related rights of rightholders represented by both organizations


Dutch Rapper, Singer & Songwriter: Glen Faria

Glen Faria is a Dutch renowned rapper, singer and songwriter. He was also part of the famous Flinke Namen Band with multiple hit records to their name.

Glen was a guest lecturer today at the academy and we had a short but enlightening interview with him after a “Q&A” session alongside artist manager and autor, Martijn Crama.



  • What would you tell starting musicians?

Glen :  What I would like to say is that there is not a moment when you are good.

There are world producers who are 18 years old and have become famous, who have just started and I want people to keep that in mind. It doesn’t have to be the long way. It could actually happen at any time. It can always happen no matter how old you are.

  • What is something you’d tell your younger self?

Glen : What I would like to tell myself is that I have to be patient and success cannot be measured by money or fame. That success has feelings. You just have to be happy and be happy with every song you make.

  • How long did it take for you to get your breakthrough?

Glen : It took a long time for me. I didn’t really care about the breakthrough. I wasn’t looking for a breakthrough. I was just writing songs and you can also take a nice breakthrough from that. When it came to breaking through, I might have given up sooner. But luckily that had never been my motivation. I just like making music.




Arthur Vierboom – Songwriting Course student

Arthur Vierboom, songwriter at DISTRIKT21

(and following the Module Creative Songwriting at Wisseloord Academy)


Wisseloord Academy is different. It’s not about mastering an instrument primarily, but about mastering a professional attitude.’ Malik Berrabah, director from Wisseloord Studio and Wisseloord Academy told us directly at our first lesson: ‘If you’re serious about making music I consider you’re part of the music industry from this moment on.’ And he really did. ‘When I wrote ‘Herfst in April’ (with producer Daniel Wullems and singer Daimy Hoogeveen) in the first month at the Academy, the song was sent to A&R people from several labels and considered seriously.’



‘For me that was a very promising start. Wisseloord Academy was exactly what I needed.’ The Academy is a very ‘generous and stimulating environment’. During the songwriting classes or the music production classes you’ll ‘meet all kind of experienced professionals’. As guests, as teachers, as visitors of the legendary studio’s and of course the other students, which all bring something to the table. I learned that the Academy is for ‘yes-sayers and initiative-takers’. Not so much for people that are not sure if this is what they want. ‘The Academy takes ambition and the musician behind it very serious’.



Lessons are very result-oriented. One time were challenged to write a song for Drake and Danny Vera. And we were told this pitch had to be ready within two hours. ‘It caused a lot of pressure among students and within collaborations, but a lot of us succeeded getting a pitch ready’. We were commented – even professionally criticized when you slipped – by our teachers, who really want you to progress.



Another eventful lesson was the day that we could write for Ronnie Flex at the studio. In the evening Ronnie Flex himself listened and reflected on the songs we wrote for him. He just finished his own record ‘Altijd Samen’ and was very open about his dilemma’s, his struggles during the making of it and how he saw his future. Learned a lot about the business and discipline that day. It is amazing that we get the opportunity to work with an artist like Ronnie, but also Glen Faria, Waylon, or many more. There is no other music education in The Netherlands that has this kind of connection with a artists and the industry.



Jamie is a studio-musician, who knows bass well. I’m not a bass player but she started playing immediately and taught us about the instrument itself and its role in a song. How bass can add crucial parts to a song. All kind of examples were given (live by Jamie or illustrated by YouTube-video’s). She also taught us how to use her pedals. As homework we had to reconstruct bass parts from other musicians and had to ‘instruct’ Jamie professionally how to reproduce ‘the sound of that artist’ with her pedals. Bass will never be the same for me again.


Wisseloord Academy is more than a music and music production education. It is also about meeting new people, learning from their approaches to lyrics and music. It’s also about growing your network and get grip on the way the business works. All the music management courses are eye opening. Of course, you have to do it yourself. And Wisseloord Academy won’t tell you something else, but they can help you get there and they even can make it look easy. Thank you, Malik & friends.