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Wisseloord, built in 1978, is one of the most recognized studios and music education centers in Europe. Presently, we are teaming up with FAAR MUSIC STUDIOS in Tallinn, and numerous Estonian music industry partners to help talents develop their projects on an international scope.

From September 2023, get the chance to study for the first time in Tallinn with music professionals who worked with artists like Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Drake and more…

Artists from all around the globe, ranging from The Rolling Stones to Chris Brown, from 50 Cent to Sting, (click here to see the artists working in our studios) have trusted our studios expertise for their recordings, mixes, productions, and project development. The Wisseloord Academy upholds a trademark of quality as we strive to give all our participants the best guidance possible to grow their talent within the heart of the European music industry.

Our core team, as well as all the producers, songwriters, and industry professionals working in our academy, share their expertise and uniquely guide their peers. In addition, we strive to ensure that the creativity of the participants remains at the center of the program. We’re more than a school delivering diplomas that have very little sense in the artistic world. Hence, we focus our activities on sharing our know-how and networking with our talents to help them develop their creative projects toward concrete career opportunities.

Each year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate talents from all around the world (more than 20 countries) into a unique hub where the top of the European music industry shares its knowledge and know-how with a select amount of participants that we integrate into our “family”. The students that follow our courses on Campus in The Netherlands, Paris, Milan or Tallinn are welcome to join classes, masterclasses, events, etc… in all countries as they enter our international hub.

More than an educational center, the Wisseloord Academy is the only place where the talents (for us, there are no students…but talents who are working on their development!) get the chance to learn and become inspired by being in direct contact with some of the most successful composers, songwriters, producers, A&R’s, managers, etc., of Europe and beyond.

The classes and modules are constantly developed by the creative pedagogic team of producers, songwriters, and industry professionals connected to the international hub.

The heart of our Academy is built on the synergy between the participants that we carefully select during our intake process and the team of field professionals who have track records in covering one of the most amazing scopes of genres and industry networks. At Wisseloord, we chose to build our curriculum in a very practical way, close to the participant’s projects, making Wisseloord an unrivalled platform for career launches. Moreover, our freedom from any academic structure and format, as well as our practical approach (in our classes, we make music, and don’t spend half of the time talking about it theoretically like in many other institutions), give us the freedom to create really exciting opportunities for our students who get the chance to write, compose and produce for and with some of the most acclaimed artists in Europe and participate in exchanges or camps between Estonia, France, Italy, The Netherlands and more countries where our hub is proactive.