The Wisseloord Academy is a QUALIOPI registered institution.

Our classes can be subsidized partly by organisms like AFDAS or POLE EMPLOI if you are eligible.

If you are interested in getting advise concerning funding options or scholarships that are available to our attendees, please Contact Us


At the Wisseloord Academy we find it important to make our classes accessible to every wallets.

The courses, classes or modules can be paid in 1 time before the start of the lessons or Split Monthly Terms.

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  • Analog Lab Intro
  • Rev Plate
  • Fet76

Get a free License of Ableton Live 11!!!


As an internationally recognized institution, Wisseloord can provide to its students the possibility to be eligible for Educational discounts on some of the most relevant music software and music brands on the market. Many of those brands will also come during the year to get in contact with our students. (Izotope, Ableton, Universal Audio, Arturia, Avid, and many more…)


Module 1

The art of listening, Songwriting & Producing


PRICE : 300€/months (3000€/year)
4h every Mondays

Module 2

Career Development & Industry Network

PRICE : 120€/months (1200€/year)
4h on wednesdays every 2 weeks

Module 3

Group Work & 1 on 1 feedback

PRICE : 120€/months (1200€/year)
4h on wednesdays every 2 weeks

Module 4

DAW Production

PRICE : 160€/months (1600€/year)
4h on saturdays every 2 weeks

Module 5

Audio Recording & Mixing

PRICE : 210€/months (2100€/year)
4h on saturdays every 2 weeks

Module 6

Intensive Instrument skills

PRICE : 175€/months (1750€/year)
1h or 3h per week (alternating private and group lessons

Module 7

Stage act development

PRICE : 200€/months (2000€/year)
4h on saturdays or sundays or evenings every 2 weeks

Full Courses

Full Course with certification Artist, Composer, Songwriter & Producer

Yearly full course of 30 weeks + 3 weeks of evaluations

Start on September 12th 2022

Module 1, Module 2, Module 3, Module 4, Module 5

Price for the full year: €7380,- (There are several funding optons for this course. For more info, please Contact Us)

Semester Course of 20 weeks  (Starting the 9th of December 2022)

Price semester: €4980,-

In The Semester Course, we select carefully few students who can join the group who started in September, after having checked the musical level, experience and after having made a clear pedagogic plan for the semester.

For certain students who are for exemple beginners in MAO or Audio recording, there might be the need to follow few private classes in order to be allowed to start that program.

Intensive summer course-short (3rd till 16th of July 2023) in The Netherlands!

5 days per week for 2 weeks (10.00-18.00) you will have classes in the morning on songwriting, composition, production, business guidance, practical assignments in groups. In the afternoon, some writing/production creative sessions on briefings of the industry. Weekends the studios are accessible to the participants who want to finish tracks. Last Sunday will be a listening session of the work created with some guests of the industry.

Price: €1875,-


International Program Engineers

This Course is built for people who like to focus more on the sonic and technical part of the creative process of music making.

This program is split between the Artistic Palace Studios in Paris and the temple of the Wisseloord Studios in The Netherlands.

For more info on that Full Course, please Contact Us

Songwriting for pop music (in partnership with publishers)

Course of 10 weeks. 4hours per week in small writing groups + assignments guidance + online sessions with international students

In that course you will learn all the ins and outs on how to write catchy pop songs, how to structure your story, use all your senses in some very practical assignments. The creative sessions will be based on real briefings from the industry, so much more than a school lesson, you get the chance to have your songs pitched to artists, managers, labels, media music agencies and many more…

Price : 1900€

Intensive DAW Production

During this course of 3 days, 8 hours per day you will work intensively on mastering your production skills

Beginners : 800€

Confirmed : 800€

Pros : 950€

In the pro course, beyond going in depth in the production techniques, we will also organise international collaboration sessions between the participants of the divers countries on top of the standard classes.

Private Classes

Writing Sessions of the Wisseloord House Of Music

In partnership with BMG Benelux.

You can join our exclusive writing sessions in The Wisseloord Studios in The Netherlands for 150€/sessions.

During those exclusive writing sessions you will join creative sessions with a broad panel of more than 300 songwriters, composers and producers.

Mixing In The Box

Class of 2 hours “on demand” : 200€ where you can work in depth together with a mentor on the mixing of your own tracks.

Analogue Recording & Mixing

Analogue Recording & Mixing: Class of 4h “on demand” : 415€. Those private classes on recording can take place in studios of Artistic Palace or the Wisseloord Studios Studio 1 or 2, depending on your wishes.

Career Development/Industry Network

Career Development/Industry Network: Package of 4 seminars of 4hours: 500€

Career guidance, 1 on 1 Feedback with a requested mentor

Consultation : 130€ per hour to get guidance on your personal questions with one of our mentors of the French or dutch team. Can be on location or online.

Full Skills Audio Engineering

Full Skills Audio Engineering : 4000€ 5 private lessons + for joining 10 studio sessions, planning during the year depending on studio projects in the studios Artistic Palace and/or Wisseloord Studios in The Netherlands.