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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the lessons located?

All the lessons are located in the studios of LA PLACE, 10 Passage de la Canopée (Les Halles) and in the Studio Artistic Palace, 141 bed Ney Paris 18ème (Metro Porte de Saint Ouen). There will also be few times per year exchanges and residences between the French and Dutch students, where the French participants will be able to join classes in the Wisseloord Studios in The Netherlands.

How big are the groups?

At the Wisseloord Academy we decided to stick to our true core values and focus on quality over quantity, so you will be in classes with a limited amount of students. You will get the focus that you and your music deserve.

Do I get a diploma?

At Wisseloord Academy we find it important to tell our students that there is no diploma guaranteeing a successful musical career. Along side this, the audio/music world is oversaturated with people graduating from schools from all over the globe. Every day we receive between 5 to 10 CVs from bachelor or master students dreaming of doing an internship in our studios, which is of course impossible.
Therefore we decided to stay away from the academic system and follow an approach based on personal development and flexibility.
Every 10 weeks, students following the full course get the opportunity to present their work to the pedagogic team and guests from the industry.
The Jury members write a report based on this system and this report is being used in order to design a program that caters to the growth of the student.
Furthermore, students who complete the 3 yearly presentations obtain a certificate of completion of our course but more than anything, they gain a network, connections and recommendation letters that will help them open many doors of the international music industry…

How do I know which modules suit me best?

At Wisseloord Academy, we find it important to look at every student in a very personal way. Not everybody needs to follow classes that they don’t need. During the intake process, we look at who you are, what you do musically and what kind of classes or modules would suit you the best. Our goal is to help you get the best out of your talent and help you grow a succesfull career.

Who are the teachers?

The pedagogic team is composed of internationally acclaimed composers, songwriters, engineers and producers from all sorts of musical backgrounds. We strive to offer our students the perfect balance between classes with a pool of regular teachers as well as modules and masterclasses from outside lecturers who come from all over the world to share their knowledge.

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What special activities are offered next to the lessons?

Along side lessons, our most promising students get the opportunity to join our international network during real production and writing sessions! The most advanced songwriters and producers also have access to the writing camps organised by Wisseloord Publishing in partnership with BMG, but we will help them also to connect to our partners Music publishers, labels, bookers, etc…

Do I need to have my own studio?

Students taking production classes need to have a production setup with at least :
A computer,
A DAW (Students of the Wisseloord Academy are eligible to EDU versions of the most common music softwares of the market and our partners iZotope, Arturia and Ableton offer free licences to the participants).
An Audio interface (You will be advised during the “Studio building lessons” as to what kind of interface will best suit your needs as a producer/engineer)
Speakers and/or headphones
A microphone

How do I enroll?

In order to join Wisseloord Academy you need to go through our selection procedure.
We have lesson streams for several levels :
We designed some classes specifically for people who are just starting to make record or produce music by themselves or with some basic preliminary understanding. We open our doors to students who want to dedicate themselves to making a living and developing a career in the music industry.
We also have classes for the more experienced songwriters, composers and producers. Professionals and semi-professionals looking to fine tune their craft.
For all levels, we ask the applicants to send us some of their work. It can be anything, going from finished tracks, released music, phone demos, rough mixes, sketches of lyrics, etc…
We want to enter the creative universe of our applicants in order to see if they fit in our “family”.
After we study your material we plan an intake interview in the studios or online in order to see if you match our Academy and help you design the best course for you selecting which modules fit your needs.

Are the classes and studios adapted to students with a handicap?

As a certified Qualiopi institution, we pay a big importance in making our classes accessible to everybody.

We keep ourselves informed about the latest updates of the Agefiph and the studios are providing a suitable access and support to students with a handicap.

During the intake selection process, any requests of necessities will be communicated to the team in order for the participants to get the outmost best support during the courses.