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Since its creation, the name Wisseloord has stood for World Class quality. More than an educational center, the Wisseloord Academy is the only place where the talents, get the chance to learn and get inspired by being directly in contact with some of the most successful composers, songwriters, producers, A&R’s, managers, etc of The Netherlands.

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Intake Dates:

For the School year 2022-2023 we will audit people 1 on 1 starting from March 2022.

Courses Start:

Both afternoon and evening classes


Wisseloord Studios Hilversum

Type of Courses:

Modules, Private classes, Full courses, or a combination of both

Admitted Students:

A limited number of students per class

Educational Incentives:

Educational Scholarships & discounts, various funds support the tuition fees for a certain amount of students

Career Opportunities:

As an artist, connection to all the main labels, publishers and music professionals of The Netherlands and beyond.

As a songwriter, large network of artists working in the studios. Many cowrites, writing camps opportunities, etc…

Brands get in contact with our students during the year (Izotope, Ableton, Universal Audio, Arturia, Avid, and many more…)

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Wisseloord Academy Wisseloord Academy

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Music production academy for Artists, Songwriters, Producers and Audio Engineers

Are you considering joining us at the Wisseloord Academy? We are starting to make arrangements for a new group of students to join in September of 2022. Our diverse courses in music production, songwriting, career development, audio-engineering, Dj– ing and many others, puts us on the forefront as the music education center the most connected to the music industry of the Netherlands. We are not a school… we are one of the centers of the industry!

In the Wisseloord Academy all the classes are given by people from the field and who are scoring the successes of today.

The participants (we do not look at students, but at musicians and artists who join us to develop their skills, no matter what their level is) learn to produce from some of the most succesfull music producers of the dutch pop or urban scene. They learn to write toplines or songs with platinum award winning songwriters, they learn about publishing from publishers, they hear artists talking about their career or learn to record or mix with engineers recording or mixing succesfull records on a daily basis.

All the classes are designed in such way that the lecturers share their own work approach while the participants are at the center of the attention to get the space to develop their own music and work methods. Hence, trying to make the participants feel the Wisseloord music production academy as their own home.

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Wisseloord is the most influential private music and music production academy of the Netherlands  

Wisseloord as a studio is strongly connected to all the most relevant industry actors of the country and we are proud to say that this synergy between the participants and professionals from the field makes the Academy an unrivaled learning center, but also a unique platform for career launches. Our freedom from any academic structure and format, as well as our practical approach (in our classes, we make music, and don’t spend half of the time talking about it theoretically like in many other institutions) gives us the freedom to create really exciting opportunities for our students who get the chance to write, compose and produce for and with some of the most acclaimed artists of the country.

Soon the academy will welcome a new group of students. Each potential new student first meets Malik Berrabah, Music producer, CEO of the Wisseloord group and founder of the Academy, to talk about past experiences, goals and ideas to really discuss a working plan on how the most suitable curriculum in order to help each participant to have a tailor made program, most suitable for his/her career.


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Our music production academy is one of the best – Educational incentives

At the Wisseloord Academy we find it important to make our classes accessible to every wallets.

The courses, classes or modules can be paid in 1 time before the start of the lessons or split on monthly basis. The Wisseloord Academy is a CRKBO certified institution (Centraal Register Kort Beroepsonderwijs), which means that the costs of the lessons of the Academy can be deducted of your income taxes. Also, as Wisseloord is one of the most recognized recording and educational institution of the dutch music industry, various funds support the tuition fees for a certain amount of our students.

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If you are interested in getting advise concerning the funding options to attend our classes, please Contact Us

Thanks to our internationally recognized position as a music production academie, we provide our students the possibility to be eligible for Educational discounts on some of the most relevant music software and music brands on the market. Many of those brands will also come during the year to get in contact with our students. (Izotope, Ableton, Universal Audio, Arturia, Avid, and many more…)

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Welcoming Audio Engineering Talents to our music production academy since 1978 

We’re proud of the reputation that Wisseloord Studios has gained over more than 40 years. Experience that our core team as well as all the producers, songwriters, industry professionals working in our studios decided share in a very unique way, where the creativity of the participants is at the center of the program.

Each year, we gladly welcome creative and passionate talents from all around the world in a unique hub where the top of the dutch music industry shares its knowledge and knowhow to a select amount of participants that we integrate to our “family”.

Besides actually creating music, a big part of the program of Wisseloord Academy are the classes taught by music industry professionals. Each week there are three challenging lessons of four hours where the lecturers and guests artists give out assignments meant to either teach new ways of writing or producing music but also helping the participants to understand the ins and outs of the business aspects of being a creator in this industry.

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